On this week’s episode of Between Two Lock Boxes, Danny Deals is joined by luxury Miami real estate agent ​​Sarah Desamours.

In just 5 minutes, Sarah covers:

  • Who offered her cocaine during a networking event
  • Her #1 piece of advice for new agents looking to get into the luxury real estate industry
  • The best french insult 
  • Why being sociable is key to being successful in the Miami real estate market 
  • The highlight of her career so far
  • Why she decided to join the same brokerage famous for the “Selling Tampa” Netflix series
  • Her embarrassing experience showing a rental to a Miami Heat player
  • The song she would play on repeat at every open house if forced to choose
  • If she would rather vomit on be vomited on by her client at every showing for the rest of her life
  • The four languages she’s fluent in

Watch here for Sarah’s rendition of “Hit Em Up” by Tupac: 

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