This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White have two interesting news articles on Barbara Corcoran, one of the original sharks of ABC’s Shark Tank. The first article, by CNBC, focuses on Corcoran’s real estate advice for twenty-somethings. 

Next, they turn to an article on Fortune about Corcoran’s feel-good habit of firing negative workers on Fridays—and why doing so is essential to a healthy work environment. 

Finally, for topic #3, Byron and Nicole respond to a BAM article with a Matt Lionetti Reel explaining why, yes, AI will replace real estate agents—but not for long. 

Tune in to hear Byron’s update on last week’s invitation to Rachael Hite. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0003:28 Intro

00:27 Elon Musk tagging news sources on Twitter

01:50 Update on last week’s invitation to Rachael Hite

03:28 Topic #1: Barbara Corcoran’s real estate advice (CNBC)

13:02 Is it always a good time to buy?

14:37 Chart: “Home price growth by months into the decade”

17:11 Topic #2: “I love firing (negative) people on Fridays” (Fortune)

19:43 “The Bare-Minimum Monday crowd…” 

24:51 Topic #3: Will AI replace real estate agents? (BAM)

29:08 Some things AI will do better than (human) RE agents

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