Imagine you could peek into the secret weapon of a high-performing real estate agent. Not just any weapon, but their personalized listing appointment toolkit.

Michael Citron, owner of Parrot Realty, isn’t holding back. created a video to show exactly what he brings to every listing presentation. He’s cracked open his Montblanc briefcase (the same one he’s used for over 12 years!) and is giving you a full tour of everything he brings to dominate listing presentations.

Get ready to take some notes!

What’s in the bag?

Before he gives a detailed walkthrough of his listing presentation, Michael removes every item from his briefcase and explains its purpose, down to the smallest item, which is an important part of the whole experience he curates for each client. 

  • Branded Presentation Folder – packed with client-focused materials Michael walks them through step-by-step
  • Marketing materials – samples that show how Michael will market the owner’s property to get it sold
  • iPad — to review the listing presentation in an engaging format
  • A custom notebook — for taking notes during his conversation with the clients
  • Protein bar — a post-workout snack in case he gets hungry before the presentation
  • The pen — not just any old pen, either, but a high-quality implement that adds an extra touch of gravitas to the moment when the client signs the listing contract

What’s in the Listing Presentation Folder

Once he’s got everything on the table, Michael then goes through the materials in the listing presentation folder, one by one, explaining its origin and purpose. 

  • Public information on the seller’s property (from
  • Comps — Records of comparable sales, especially any from the seller’s neighborhood
  • Proof of success — Listings Michael has sold in the seller’s community
  • Plan of action — Michael’s marketing plan specific to the seller’s home)
  • A Realtor FAQ — Top questions agents should be able to answer
  • Guide/checklist — How to get the home ready for sale
  • Contracts to go over — Listing agreement, buyer agreement, and purchase agreement
  • Seller questionnaire — Questions to ask the seller
  • Estimated net proceeds — Fully disclosing fees other than agent commissions

A visual list like the above isn’t nearly as engaging as Michael’s video, which is well worth the time spent watching it. We’re betting you’ll get some inspiration from it for your next appointment.