This week, the biggest piece of news host Byron Lazine followed on the Hot Sheet was the debt deal vote, along with other trending news in the housing industry.     

To ensure you don’t miss a thing, the week’s Hot Sheet recap provides a link to every segment covered throughout the week. 

Consumers Turn to Agents for Advice

Byron started off the week on Tuesday, after a long weekend that brought the U.S. a step closer to a deal on the debt ceilings. From there, he gave a housing inventory update and shared a new Zillow survey that shows 55% of consumers turn to real estate agents for financing advice. Plus, rent prices (both long-term and vacation) continue to trend downward and what the debt deal could mean for mortgage rates. 

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  • 05:30 Housing inventory update
  • 08:10 Zillow survey—55% of consumers turn to agents for financing advice
  • 12:05 Rent prices continue a downward trend
  • 17:26 Getting closer to a debt deal

House Bill Creates Massive Home Seller Opportunity

On Wednesday, Byron reviewed a house bill that aims to boost housing supply and the opportunities it could present for sellers. Next up was an update on mortgage demand, followed by new insights from the Home Ownership Affordability Monitor

Watch any of the segments here:

  • 01:56 House Bill that could boost supply by incentivizing sellers
  • 12:00 Mortgage demand drops to lowest level in three months
  • 13:30 Home Ownership Affordability Monitor

Debt Ceiling Deal Passes on House Vote

On Thursday, Byron started with an update on the House approval of the debt deal, followed by why the Fed is ready to skip a rate hike. He ended with a Moody’s Analytics report that covers the value of home prices in over 400 housing markets

Tune in here:

  • 01:10 Debt deal approved by House
  • 07:37 Fed rate hikes
  • 12:22 Moody’s analytics report

Investor Home Buying Tanks by Nearly 50% in Q1

Byron ended the week by discussing, first of all, the May jobs report. He next covered a report that shows an almost 50% annual drop in the number of investor home purchases in Q1 2023. He wrapped up by diving deeper into the Moody’s Analytics report, covering local markets that are over and undervalued.

Watch any of the segments below:

  • 03:10 May jobs report 
  • 09:24 Investor home purchases dropped by nearly 50%
  • 16:24 Local housing markets that are over- and undervalued 16

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