On this 33rd episode of The Walk Thru, BAM Creator, Troy Palmquist, and Dan Oneil (aka “Danny Deals”) join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent to tackle two questions that go right to the heart of the real estate industry—but from different angles. 

First up is Troy’s first blog for BAM, “Does the Real Estate Industry Have a Drinking Problem?” which sparked a lively discussion on the public perception of the industry and its frequent association with (copious amounts of) alcohol. 

Next up was an eye-opening demo of the OpenAI ChatGPT and the question of whether this tool is more a threat or a blessing to agents everywhere, especially those that struggle to write listing descriptions. Check out the live demo and see for yourself. 

Topic #3 touched on a BAM headline with news that makes some in the industry nervous. But for homeowners who plan to keep their homes for years to come, a tiny (and temporary) dip into negative equity won’t make much of a difference in the long run. 

Finally, The Broke Agent reveals the biggest news from Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report, with clear and actionable tips on what you can do to dominate the platform in the coming year. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:27 Intro

03:28 Topic #1: Does the Real Estate Industry Have a Drinking Problem?

11:35 Successful people control themselves.

14:17 Alcohol, branding, and building relationships

20:10 Topic #2: Will AI eliminate agents?

25:10 Great tool for agents who struggle with listing descriptions

29:17 What will this do to disrupt copywriting?

35:08 Topic #3: 8% of homes mortgaged in 2022 are underwater

39:05 The difference between lending standards then vs now

41:03 The long-term impact of a brief dip into negative equity

43:13 Topic #4: Instagram 2023 Trend Report

44:31 Increase in Instagram monetization

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