Grab your board and shred the streets of Toronto with Matt Lionetti as he brings viewers back to a simpler time in his latest listing video.

Finding Your Niche 

Some of the biggest problems agents face when creating content are getting engagement, knowing what to post, or finding your niche.

Matt’s recent listing video proves that you can take an approach that best suits your personality and your interests rather than trying to cater to everyone. Because when it comes to creating content—if you enjoy it, chances are someone else will too. 

Video Game-Themed Listing Video

If you were born before 2002, you probably remember firing up the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2 and popping in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. For those wondering why this game holds so much significance, it’s because the developer, Activision, wanted to ensure the game simulated the feel of skateboarding and accurately depicted the skate culture—complete with feedback from Tony Hawk himself.  

This allowed gamers and skaters alike to tap into their creativity—designing their own unique characters, exploring different skate parks, and doing tricks in the palm of their hands. Creativity and uniqueness are also ways to describe Matt’s new listing video inspired by the video game.

It’s all about the Hook

The video begins with selecting a skater—just like you would in the video game. And it doesn’t hurt that Matt crafted incredible character profiles to choose from! 

In this hook, every shot is different, and because this production by Mitch Feinstein is so well done, you are in for the ride up until the end. 

Gnarly Property Features

The video highlights the interior of the property accompanied by the music and word font reminiscent of the game. 

The property is described as having a “Sick Open Concept,” “Gnarly Toronto Views,” and a “Dope Kitchen.” As the vocab brings consumers back to the 90s, each part of the home is delivered in quick, digestible photos highlighting the stunning interior. 

Instead of taking a video of the surrounding area or doing a drone shot of the neighborhood, viewers follow Matt on his skateboard as he rides through the area, showcasing what it has to offer. 

All of these technicalities shown engage the audience not only because of the property features, but because it allows the viewers to subconsciously interact with the video and its similarities to the game.

Living in the Good Ole Days 

We often watch old movies or listen to old music as time passes. Most consumers want some nostalgia, especially in today’s world, where everything seems to be a little crazy. Bringing an audience back to a simpler, happy time is a great way to hook the viewer and evoke emotion. In Matt Lionetti’s listing video, he reminds his followers of a favorite pastime.  

This nostalgic way of creating content can be helpful for agents who may not know what to post. There are no restrictions on getting your message across to audiences, especially for a listing video. 

So, instead of doing the same content everyone else is doing, consider thinking back to what made you happiest in your childhood or teen years. You don’t have to pick up a skateboard, but you can recreate something from your past. Not only will you have fun creating it, but it’s bound to bring back fond memories for your audience.