BAM's Key Details
  • Adam Mosseri announced two new Instagram features. The first allows you to schedule posts on Instagram. 
  • Instagram also updated its website to make it cleaner and easier to use on large screen monitors. 

Adam Mosseri regularly announces new Instagram features from his feed. He does this so often it’s hard to keep up.

But today’s announcement comes with an update that should have been done a long time ago—and it’s something that everyone can take advantage of.

Scheduled Posts

This is the update we’ve been waiting for. It’s what Mosseri called a “finally feature,” because Instagram finally made this upgrade.

You can now schedule posts directly from Instagram—up to 75 days in advance. More reason to batch record your content!

To schedule a post, follow these steps:

1. Create a new post the way you normally do, whether you’re posting a photo, Reel, or carousel.

2. At the end, tap on “Advanced Settings.”

Instagram schedule posts

3. Slide the tab to “Schedule this Post.”

Schedule Instagram content

4. Select a date a time for your post to go live.

Schedule Instagram content

You can also manage scheduled posts by going to “Profile” and then the “More” menu.

Redesigned Website

The second announcement is a redesigned

This feature isn’t as exciting as scheduled posts since most people use the app on their phones. But Mosseri stated the redesign makes it “cleaner, faster, easier to use, and it’s designed to take advantage of large-screen monitors which have become more and more the norm.”

Want to suggest a new “finally feature” for the Instagram team? Head to Mosseri’s post and leave a comment.