In case you missed it, BAM Pro Bowl 100% lived up to the hype as the largest real estate event online—ever! Ryan Serhant could not have put it better when he said, “BAM owned this day!” 

It was an event to remember—and one I hope we can repeat for years to come! 

Here are three things I learned at BAM’s Pro Bowl that I’ll be applying to my own business—and that I recommend to every real estate professional looking to grow their brand in 2024. 

#1—Do more with what you already have

Jimmy Mackin laid down a great presentation about creating more listings. He talked about creating a campaign you could duplicate in email, Instagram Stories, phone conversations, and so much more. 

Work smart, not hard. 

#2—Branding is everything!

Ryan Serhant’s keynote delivery was incredibly inspirational. What he emphasized is that everything we do as agents is representation for our brand. And we really need to take seriously what we’re putting out there. 

#3—Leverage AI—or fall behind

From Neel Dhingra to Jason Pantana, multiple speakers were emphasizing how artificial intelligence shouldn’t only be used to create more of something—but also, and more importantly, to enhance the client experience. 

Did you catch the BAM Pro Bowl live? If not, head on over to BAMx for the full replay. 

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