This week in BAM brought rapport-building tips, a hidden sales superpower, a script you can use this fall with seller/buyers, and a little-known hack for getting leads from your Instagram bio. 

And with all that’s gone down with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) over the past few years, we created a timeline of newsworthy events from 2019 to the present. 

Read on, and we’ll catch you right up. 

News You May Have Missed

Yesterday, we shared a timeline for the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) going back to 2019 and covering the biggest news moments related to the class action lawsuits, the sexual harassment allegations, and NAR’s tendency to react rather than take the lead. 

And stay tuned this week, as the Sitzer/Burnett class action lawsuit is set to go to trial starting October 16, 2023. Anywhere and RE/MAX have both already settled in this case.

Earlier in the week, NAR joined with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) as they collaborated on a letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The gist of that letter? The housing market needs stability—and clarity regarding the Fed’s rate path would help. 

Wednesday also brought a piece by PR expert Audie Chamberlain with three lessons from NAR’s handling of the sexual harassment allegations. And it’s a must-read for anyone working to establish their brand through media. That includes real estate professionals with an online presence. 

Agent Tactics

On Tuesday, Tom Toole shared his top five tips for building rapport with potential clients. And it’s crazy how many agents drop the ball with the first one. 

On Wednesday, we shared a brilliant script to use this fall with home sellers/buyers. Byron Lazine and Tom Toole worked on the script in the previous week’s episode of the Knowledge Brokers Podcast. It’s ideal for homeowners who, if they sold their home now, could buy their next home with cash. 

And on Thursday, we shared Lisa Chinatti’s first blog as a BAM Creator. In her post, she shares a hidden sales superpower that can send your conversion rate through the roof. 

Also, BAM hosted a value-packed business planning webinar on Wednesday (October 11) with Byron Lazine and Tom Toole. BAMx members can watch the replay and the after-party on the BAMx platform. You can also access and download the planning tools shared on the webinar. Not a member of BAMx yet? Sign up today:

Agent Marketing

On Monday, Lindsey Jo shared exactly how she passively gets an average of four leads a day through her Instagram bio.   

Then, on Thursday, The Broke Agent addressed a frustration many content creators are feeling right now towards Instagram—and Reels, in particular. Sharing data from a Brock Johnson carousel post, he shed some light on the difference in engagement for Reels and posts from 2022 to 2023. And it’s not without some good news.