Today, we’re diving into your Instagram bio—which is absolutely pivotal for lead generation success. While some may argue that the era of “link in my bio” is dead, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Your Instagram bio is an invaluable asset.

Lead Generation through Your Bio

Over the last three weeks, I’ve passively collected contact information from 78 people—these individuals willingly visited the link in my bio, opted in, and gave me their contact info. That’s roughly 3-4 emails per day. The numbers speak volumes!

Instagram bio

But the link in my bio wasn’t always successful. Initially, I invested a significant amount of time in creating a blog, pouring hours into building a website. I added the blog site as the link in my bio. My bio read: “Like stories? I’ve got some good ones.” 

Guess how many people gave me their contact information? Zero. Zilch. Nada. Not one freaking person!

A Necessary Strategy Shift

Frustrated with the lack of results, I turned to a Stan Store, which functions similarly to a Linktree, and featured five different links. My bio read: “Grab a Freebie Below.” 

However, only the first link, which led to a free Instagram guide, managed to convert successfully, bringing in around three emails per week.

How to Optimize Your Bio

This got me thinking. I realized that an abundance of choices in a Linktree or Stan Store can overwhelm followers. Instead, I opted for clarity and simplicity. Now, my bio features clear-cut language with just one single link, leading to a straightforward opt-in form.

My bio now reads: “Grab my free training on how I generated 400+ leads/emails in the last 90 days.”

What to Include in the Link Section

In the links section, I included only one link – an opt-in form for a waitlist for a free training.  It’s minimalistic and free from distractions like sparkles and graphics.

link in Instagram bio

Remarkably, that single landing page has brought in over 367 emails, even though at the time, the training hadn’t been created yet.

Link in Bio

How to Tailor Your Bio

I understand that not everyone’s audience consists of real estate agents like mine. It’s crucial to tailor your bio to your ideal client avatar. Success depends on knowing who you’re speaking to! Focusing solely on buyers and sellers is too broad. 

Consider niches like:

  • Moms
  • First-time Investors
  • Vacation/Second Home Seekers
  • Seniors
  • Waterfront Enthusiasts
  • Military Relocations
  • International Buyers
  • Airbnb/Short-Term Rental Investors
  • Move-Up Buyers
  • Young Professionals

Targeted Guides are Key

Next, create a lead magnet (think PDF guide) with that ideal client in mind. You can create a guide in Canva, purchase one on Etsy, or use one of the Coffee & Contracts guides if you’re a member.

For instance, if your ideal client is a first-time homebuyer in DC, you could create guides like:

  • 5 Hidden Food Trucks in DC
  • Top 10 Brunches in DC
  • My 5 Favorite Craft Cocktails in DC
  • The Ultimate Foodie’s Guide to DC

The Psychology of Lists and How to Utilize Them 

Use numbered lists in your guides like “Top 3” or “Top 5” to convey that your guides have a clear endpoint. Use words like “hidden” and “underrated” to pique curiosity and create a sense of FOMO. 

Clear and Irresistible Language 

In your bio, communicate the value of your freebie or guide with crystal-clear language. Let visitors know precisely what they’ll receive when they click on your link and give you their information.

Guide Example: How to Target Investors Effectively

For instance, let’s consider Kyle Toomey, who owns 20 rental properties. Targeting first-time Airbnb or short-term rental investors, a compelling guide idea could be: “From 0-20 Rental Properties: What I Wished I Knew from the Very Beginning.” 

This language not only showcases Kyle’s expertise but also aligns perfectly with his niche. It offers valuable information that consumers would willingly provide their contact information for. His bio could read: “Aspiring property investor? Learn from my mistakes. Grab my guide: From 0-20 Rental Properties: What I Wished I Knew from the Very Beginning.”

Guide Example: How to Target Moms Effectively

If your ideal client is a mom searching for the perfect family home, consider creating a lead magnet titled: “Family-Friendly Activities in DC Under $100” or “My 3 Favorite DC Playgrounds: A Mom’s Perspective.” 

This language not only highlights your expertise in catering to family needs but also resonates perfectly with your niche. The “Mom’s Perspective” language also builds trust with your audience. This guide provides valuable information that moms would gladly exchange their contact information for. Your bio language could read: “Don’t break the bank! Grab my guide to Family-Friendly Activities in DC for Under $100” or simply, “Grab my guide to My 3 Favorite DC Playgrounds: A Mom’s Perspective.”

Don’t Leave Your Followers Guessing

There should be no guessing regarding what your followers will receive when they click on the link in your bio. Don’t expect people to click on a link blindly; you have to tell them exactly what they’re getting. By simplifying your bio and offering valuable guides that resonate with your audience, you can generate passive leads who willingly give you their contact information. We need to let go of the idea that the title “top producer” in our bio is going to get us results. It will always fall short. Your approach should be geared towards creating content that hits the mark with your ideal clients, making your Instagram bio a true game-changer for your real estate success.