For this week in BAM, we’re sharing a couple of our most clicked-on articles in real estate news, agent tactics, and agent marketing. Because we don’t want you to miss anything that could help you stay informed, level up your skills, and grow your business. 

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News You May Have Missed

The Martin lawsuit is the second antitrust lawsuit filed in Texas since the Sitzer/Burnett verdict was issued on October 31st. It’s the ninth major lawsuit filed by home sellers since then. 

In response to media scrutiny and social media discussions, BlackRock released a message with the aim of “setting the record straight.”  While it does play an active role in the U.S. real estate market as a fiduciary asset manager, BlackRock made it clear it is not among the institutional investors buying single-family homes.

Byron Lazine covered this on the Thursday Hot Sheet, starting at 23:56:

Agent Tactics

Tom Toole shares three types of data to send sellers before you schedule a call for the price adjustment conversation. 

Tom Worley shares three things he wishes someone had coached him through when he started out as a real estate agent. 

Agent Marketing

Krys Benyamein shares five of the best gift ideas for real estate agents to buy for the people in their life. 

In related news, this week’s episode of The Walk Thru also asked the question, “What’s the best gift for an agent?” 

Lindsey Jo demonstrates how to upgrade your listing photos using Canva’s new Magic Edit photo-enhancing tool. 

Krys Benyamein and Dan Parker hosted a BAM webinar on Thursday, December 14, on developing a real estate content plan for 2024. This post focuses on their top 9 YouTube branding strategies. 

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