It’s the day after a groundbreaking BAM debate on agents vs. appraisers, so you know it’s on the agenda for today’s episode of The Walk Thru.

But first up, Victoria Velazquez, this week’s guest on the Over Ask Podcast, and Dustin Brohm aka the Massive Agent, join Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent to talk about which grocery store chain has the biggest and most positive impact on home values. 

Next, they discussed a BAM article on FHFA’s new conforming loan limit (CLL) values, followed by each moderator’s take on the BAM debate, with props for Mark “Skap” Skapinetz and hopes that this is the beginning of a collaboration that will benefit both sides, as well as buyers and sellers.

The four wrapped up with December marketing ideas for agents, whether you’re new to the industry or just stumped about what to do this year. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0001:33 Intro

01:33 Topic #1: Grocery store chains best for home values

13:38 Agents need to go deep on area restaurants & stores

15:27 Topic #2: New Conforming Loan Limits (FHA)

18:40 Each recession, mortgage rates have dropped

26:47 Topic #3: The BAM Debate on Agents vs Appraisers

31:39 The question of market value

40:13 Byron’s message (and invitation) to appraisers

42:35 Topic #4: December marketing

42:47 Victoria’s ideas

44:44 Dustin’s ideas

46:27 Byron’s ideas

50:05 The Broke Agent’s ideas

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