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Everyone knows that one surefire way to gain a following and meet new buyers and sellers is to post content regularly

But what if I told you there was another way to get more leads and grow your business on social without posting content? The best part is—it only takes a few minutes a day.

The Personal Touch

As a real estate agent, your income depends on your efforts. To maximize your success, you need to make as many connections as possible with potential clients. But how can you achieve this beyond the content you’re already creating? 

The answer is personal one-to-one video messages.

This has become a key part of my business strategy. And I’ve found it especially effective for agent-to-agent referrals

Video Messages to Build Your Database

Every morning, I dedicate time to sending personalized video messages to new followers or other agents in different service areas. 

Before I send a message, I always check out their profile and mention something that caught my eye to make the message more personal and relatable. I aim for a natural, laid-back tone, as if leaving a voicemail. This approach is consistently well-received and has helped me rapidly build a network of connections.

So far in 2024, I have received several referrals, all from agents I connected with on social media. This has also helped me connect with countless agents in other areas where I can also send referrals. An added bonus is that it’ll make real estate conventions even more enjoyable when you run into familiar faces.

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to make connections and help more people, start sending your video messages! The more you can get your name in front of people, the better.