On this week’s episode of The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White start with a New York Times article on the growing percentage of older Americans living alone, which contradicts the widely-held belief that more people are sharing their spaces with others.

Next up is an interview of Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim where he voiced an opinion that became the headline: “There’s no fixing Compass. It’s unfixable.”  Byron disagreed while defending Oppenheim’s right to voice his opinion—and inviting anyone to debate the issue on the BAM stage. 

The “Left, Middle, Right” segment started with a CNBC article on Elon Musk’s claim that Apple threatened to remove Twitter from its app store. The second (and final) article took the issue of Whole Foods being more corporate than community-friendly—and the opportunity this presents for real estate agents.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0001:16 Intro

01:16 Topic #1: “More Older Americans Are Living By Themselves…” (NYT)

06:28 A growing percentage (over 30%) of people want their own space.

07:07 The increase in divorces is also a contributing factor

08:28 Topic #2 – “Jason Oppenheim: There’s No Fixing Compass…” (Inman)

11:46 A systemic problem with brokerages and a race to the bottom

15:30 Byron’s invitation to debate this one out on the BAM stage.

18:58 Left, Middle, Right #1 – “Elon Musk Claims Apple Has threatened to Remove the Twitter App.” (CNBC)

19:58 Elon needs to be careful

20:21 Agents need to be on the Zillow platform.

21:45 LMR #2 – “Maine Lobsterman urges Whole Foods to Do Its Homework Before…

22:40 Whole Foods is green-washing

22:59 Agents need to be the voice shouting out dependable local businesses

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