Admit it.

You’ve faked a phone call with a client to get out of a conversation with someone you knew in high school. Or maybe it was your last family dinner. Hey, we don’t judge. 

That’s a perk of being in the real estate industry – you are always on the phone, so no one thinks it’s out of the ordinary when you ‘have to make a call.’ 

But when Jason Oppenheim of Selling Sunset was seen on season 5 of the show, people saw something that seemed odd. Instead of his phone app on the screen, which is what you generally see when talking on the phone, the camera app was clearly visible.

That’s all it took for Twitter to go wild:

Jason quickly responded to the claims that he did not, in fact, fake a call for the show.

As it turns out, technology allows you to make a call while your phone is in camera mode.

The takeaway from this?

If you’re making (or faking) a call, close out your other apps. Hopefully, that will save you from the overreaction of anyone who sees your screen.