This week on the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine, Lisa Chinatti, and Tom Toole kick things with the latest CPI data, which shows definite progress in lowering inflation, especially if we remove the outdated measure of “owner’s equivalent rent.”

Next, they covered expectations for the July FOMC meeting, the Fed’s (outdated) playbook, and the latest Fannie Mae report on consumer confidence, showing people may be coming to terms with higher home prices and mortgage rates

From there, they discussed the MLS PIN decision and changes coming to buyer/listing contracts, as well as lagging technology development for the real estate industry. 

Finally, they covered the Boston mayor’s pilot program to incentivize converting office buildings for residential use, and whether this could be an effective solution to the dual problem of empty offices and low housing inventory. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:40 Intro 

00:40 CPI data—lower than expectations—and resulting rate drop 

01:52 WSJ article comparing how we measure inflation and how Europe does 

05:12 Expectations for the July FOMC meeting 

06:02 The Fed’s (outdated) playbook 

09:26 Consumers have come to terms with higher rates 

12:37 Consumer sentiment: 78% believe it’s a bad time to buy 

13:25 The person asking the questions steers the conversation 

15:06 When rates go lower, competition will increase 

17:58 MLS PIN decision 

25:38 Changes in buyer/listing contracts coming 

27:17 Tech for the real estate industry has some catching up to do 

31:09 Agents are needing to adjust to a new landscape & a new way of doing business 

32:39 Boston mayor’s incentive the conversion of office buildings to residential units

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