Who says real estate and football don’t mix?

Over the years, The Broke Agent has trendjacked some of the biggest moments in football, coming up with fire memes for the real estate industry. 

So on this Super Bowl Sunday, we’re giving you some of our favorite football memes that speak directly to real estate agents. Even if this is what you’ll be doing during the game:

2023 Housing Market

Once again, @realestatecreative delivers with a video that captures the housing market

Open House Rules

Can we just wait until football season is over for Sunday open houses?

Working with Clients

Some days we want to laugh; other days, we’re close to tears. These memes sum up what it’s like working with buyers and sellers. 

Halftime Show

There are those who love the game and those who are there for the halftime show. We’re excited to see what iconic moments happen this year. 


It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention the GOAT. Here are a few Tom Brady memes for all those upset about his (second) retirement announcement.