I’m going to write a blog every Sunday with one goal in mind: keep you mildly entertained during your open house. Although now that I think about it you probably won’t even have a spare second because there will be 50+ buyers salivating to talk to you. So, maybe this is for the agents who aren’t sitting an open house. Anyway, welcome to “The Sunday Scroll” where I will give my most honest and brutal takes on some trending topics or whatever I might be thinking on a Sunday. It might not even be about real estate because I’m rarely thinking about real estate. Right now all I can think about is BAM, so I’m going to give you my honest thoughts on how I think launch week went: The GOOD and THE BAD.


What We Did Wrong:

We launched during Inman Connect… the week after Easter… during Coachella. At least it wasn’t Christmas Eve, right? Our strategy for when to launch basically came down to when we were ready. There was never going to be a perfect week and we made sure to stick with that April 18th date once we went public with it.. I’m proud that we did, but we did choose a week where the attention of the real estate industry was in New York with another media company. Diabolical.

What We Did Right:

We launched during Inman Connect. BAM’s Matt Lionetti opened up the conference with a keynote that stole the show. Danny Deals was galavanting around New York, ripping stogies with Brad Lea, filming episodes of his hit podcast Between Two Lock Boxes. I was in Houston speaking at the Video Blueprint… and Byron was getting golf lessons working on his sand game. So, we did a lot of meaningful face-to-face PR and promotion which is just as important as digital. The more people meet us in person, the more they believe in what we are doing at BAM. However, if we had to do it over again I would have probably launched the week of April 25th because it is definitely not easy to run a media company while you’re sucking down cocktails for three days straight at a conference. Lesson learned. But, also I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What We Did Wrong:

We underestimated how time consuming the editing process would be. This applies to both blogs and our shows. Our contributors are some of the best in the game, but not all of them are Pulitzer Prize winning authors. A lot of them are realtors and if you’ve ever communicated with a realtor through email or text you know some are borderline illiterate. Pretty sure Danny Deals wrote his first blog in Yiddish. Also, we now have five shows that require editing, clips, thumbnails, descriptions, and promotion. The days of posting to a couple IG accounts and running one podcast are over. An avalanche of never-ending, around-the-clock work has arrived.

What We Did Right:

The website on desktop and mobile looks clean AF and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback. We don’t litter you with ads, there’s no paywall, and it’s extremely easy to navigate. I’m also really happy with the amount of content we came out with. We have 30+ blogs from a variety of different contributors in a variety of different categories, five shows, and a YouTube channel that went from weekly uploads to daily.


What We Did Wrong:

On launch day we pushed a 48 second trailer that described BAM and had people share it. There wasn’t a great call-to-action and it wasn’t THAT epic. We should have been more clear with our CTA: go to the website, follow @brokeagentmedia on IG, and checkout our new shows on YouTube. Also, we should have factored in that a video over 15 seconds would not perform that great considering the average watch time of videos is now like 6-9 seconds. If we had to do it over again I probably would have gone with graphics or maybe even asked people to share something about BAM that was more organic.

What We Did Right:

We picked up over 3600 followers and launched our BAM Instagram with value-packed posts. Traditional real estate media publications seem to only use social media as a way to push traffic to their blog. Of course, we want to do that as well but we understand people consume media differently today than they did ten years ago. Most people I know get their news directly from Twitter and Instagram. Rarely do people click through to an actual article. So, we wanted to make sure that when you see a post from BAM, it provides value in the post itself. Yes, we want you to read the entire blog, but we also want you to learn and be entertained from the post alone.


This is going to be extremely fun but it’s also going to be hell. I thought running a few Instagram accounts, a podcast, and creating content for a template platform was a lot of work. This will never end. A blog post takes a lot more work than throwing a caption on a picture and we want there to be new content every time you visit BAM. If there’s a viral story like “The Poundtown House” we have to write about it. If I go on a four-day golf trip with the boys I can’t just throw up a few IG posts and call it. The news never stops and this will never stop. But, I love it and I know we are built for it. To all those who have engaged with/shared our content we appreciate you. This is the start of something special and I can’t wait to see where BAM is in a year.

^^Would be pretty funny if we checked back in a year and the website no longer exists lmfao.

Have a great Sunday.