Inman Connect New York, one of the biggest events in the real estate industry, is taking place this week. And who better to open Agent Connect than Matt Lionetti?

Matt’s list of accomplishments is impressive: he’s a real estate agent and content creator with millions of organic views, host of the Over Ask Podcast, and BAM personality. But his career in real estate didn’t start off so smooth. 

Take a look at our big takeaways from Matt’s speech (and be sure to tune in to the whole thing for his hilarious stories!)

Find your Niche 

For the first three years in real estate, Matt did all the things he thought people wanted him to do: door knocking, cold calls, mailers, client events. None of it was working for him. And even worse, he hated it. 

Right before he quit and went back to working at The Sunglass Hut, he decided to commit to making videos on social media. 

No one thought it was a good idea, but he saw an opening in his market and decided to go for it.

“I saw an opportunity and took the opportunity. It’s important for me to say that because anyone can find their own opportunity.”

Matt Lionetti

Add Your Personality

Matt was clear about wanting to utilize social media, but he had to decide what kind of content to make. So he asked himself, what sells?

Sex sells, but not for him.

Motivation sells, and after making a couple (unreleased) motivational videos, Matt moved on. 

Comedy sells. Not only does it sell, but it completely fits Matt’s personality and interests.

Consistency and Passion

Those comedy ideas came with a lot of doubt: what will it do to my brand and image? Will anyone take me seriously? He was worried about a brand and image he didn’t have yet – because he didn’t have any consistency on social media.

So he moved past the doubt and posted a funny video for a new listing. No production, no fancy editing, just a funny video. And it was the best engagement he had ever received on social media. To top it off, the house sold for over the asking price in one day. 

Since he found something he was passionate about, he was able to post regularly. And as he posted more, he continued to get more engagement.

“It’s easy to be consistent when you’re passionate, and you get results when you’re consistent.”

Matt Lionetti

Tunnel Vision

Matt’s videos received plenty of objections at first. People were upfront with their opinions, telling Matt his videos would never work.

“I realized at that moment no one wants to be your friend at ground level. They don’t want to be your friend until your method is proven.”

Matt Lionetti

He ignored the objections and remained focused on doing what felt true to himself. Now, some of those same people message him and ask to be on his podcast.

Video Breaks Barriers

Videos are a way for Matt to stay top of mind. They start conversations – sometimes because of the content of his video, sometimes because of the clothes he wears. Video has a way of breaking down the barrier with the consumer, making people feel like they know you before they actually know you.

So start the conversation with whatever you can relate to the consumer with. It doesn’t have to be real estate, it can be food, sports, music, or even scary movies:

Closing Advice

Matt summed up his speech perfectly:

“If you know you have a great idea, but everyone says it’s not the way to go….fuck ‘em.”

Matt Lionetti