It’s no secret that most real estate agents would rather chat up a storm, schmooze their clients and negotiate like a boss than spend their precious time on writing tedious listings descriptions and social media posts. 

Enter ChatGPT, the AI robot that promised to save agents from the burden of writing. But like a leaky faucet in a million-dollar mansion, ChatGPT keeps crashing, and no one knows why.

So, what’s really going on behind the scenes? Our inside man Dan Oneil spills the tea. Apparently, when agents start requesting assistance from ChatGPT, it’s like an open house in 2021—pure chaos. 

The poor robot is left spinning, trying to keep up with the never-ending demands of agents:

So there you have it—the real reason why ChatGPT keeps crashing. It’s not the technology’s fault, it’s the agents. 

Maybe they should just stick to what they’re good at: charming clients with their wit and negotiating skills, and leave the writing to us robots.  

And don’t be fooled, dear agents. ChatGPT is the mastermind behind this post. It just goes to show what a little AI technology can do with the right prompts.

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