Welcome to the inaugural week of the year, where your Instagram feeds are about to experience an influx of “year in review” posts.

For real estate professionals, the “year in review” post isn’t just a trend; it’s a tool for showcasing social proof. This is the best time of year to unabashedly exclaim how many people you helped and how much sales volume you closed.

Of course, like anything else, a generic graphic with your 2023 stats will likely be scrolled by without a second thought. But if you take a play from Ken Pozek, your year in review will definitely make a lasting impression.

Start with Gratitude

Rather than starting off with his team’s successes, Ken hooks viewers with a video expressing his gratitude for all the people making that success possible. 

“As we continue on this season of giving and gratitude, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the 97,000 of you that followed our journey this year…”

When you start by putting a spotlight on your clients and expressing your sincere thanks for the role they played in your year, they will naturally be more invested in what you have to say. 

From there he reminds people what the team accomplished:

  • 1 million emails opened
  • 750 5-star reviews on Google
  • Helped 500 people find homes

This not only highlights some impressive numbers, but reminds people that they, too, can leave a review or give them a call if they have real estate needs. 

From there, he signs off by sharing the bigger mission of his team: 

“Thank you guys so much for helping us further our mission of cultivating community in Orlando.”

Easy to Digest Stats

The next slide of the Carousel post is dedicated to stats that are clear and easy to understand. These stats include a mix of information, from how they helped the community to how much real estate they sold:

  • 5 Events Hosted
  • 750 5-Star Google Reviews
  • 100+ Zip Codes Covered
  • $85+ Clients Served
  • $258M Total Volume
  • $25,000+ Donated to Charity
  • Voted Real Estate Team of the Year

Finally, the third slide shares some social media stats, providing a gentle reminder of where consumers can follow the team:

  • 1,000,000+ emails opened
  • 100,000+ new followers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube
  • 500+ pieces of unique content created
  • 100s of Thousands of hours watched across all platforms

How to Share

A post like this makes for a great piece of social media content, but it can also be shared directly with your clients and sphere. 

  • Newsletter: Embed the social media post in a newsletter to your entire database. 
  • One-to-one videos: Consider sending one-to-one videos to all the clients you helped in 2023 with a message of gratitude, followed by some stats in the copy. People will love the thought you put into sending it out. 
  • Blog: Add the social post to a blog, which will extend the lifespan of your post and help with SEO. 

As you prepare your content this week, seize the opportunity to not just reflect but to invite your audience to be a part of your continued success. This isn’t just a trend; it’s a call to action to build lasting relationships and make 2024 your most impactful year yet.