On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent talk about highlights from the Tom Ferry Success Summit and BAM Bash. Plus, exciting new additions to the BAM Family.  

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

0:0001:09: Intro

1:10: The Tom Ferry Success Summit 2022

3:08: The BAM Bash

8:15: “The amount of people who came up and said, ‘I get all my marketing tactics and advice from you guys,’ it’s such a different feeling from people saying ‘Your shirt makes me laugh.’”

11:20: Why agents should attend conferences

13:10: Blog posting and Gary Vee’s sister, Liz Novello

17:29: Matt announces a new show he’ll be co-hosting this fall on BAM

24:36: “What I love about BAM is we have a lot of shows coming, and they’re all different…”

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