As content creators, it can be easy to get caught up in the metrics of how many views, likes, comments, and shares we get on videos and posts. But what if I told you those numbers don’t always translate to new business? What if I told you that your next client might not even engage with your content, yet still want to work with you?

Lately, my social media has been a goldmine for potential leads. When I asked each person what drew them in, the answers varied. The only thing consistent was that each post mentioned had no interaction from the person. 

Keeping it Real

Take, for instance, a video of me telling the story about falling down the stairs while showing property. It got the attention of a couple who was living in Ohio and transferring to Florida for a job. They found it hilarious and loved that I kept it real, but they didn’t bother to hit like or leave a comment. Yet, they booked an appointment, and the rest is history.

Laughter is a Powerful Connector

Another one that comes to mind is a funny video I posted about a city in my town. It wasn’t real estate related, and my face wasn’t even in this one. But one viewer who was new to the area got a good laugh out of it. She clicked on my profile and was surprised to find out I was an agent. And though she didn’t engage with the video, she thought I had a great sense of humor and eventually reached out to help her and her husband buy a home.

You Never Know Who’s Watching

One final one that comes to mind is from an agent referral. This agent had found me when I was tagged in a post on another page. She decided to click on my profile and take a look around. When she eventually reached out to me, she told me she had been “lurking” on my page for a while and watching from afar. Eventually, she decided she liked what she saw and sent a client my way. No interactions were visible, but it led to a solid referral partnership between agents.

Let these stories remind you that while engagement metrics have their place, true connection happens behind the scenes, even if it’s just someone silently watching from the sidelines. Don’t get yourself trapped in the mindset that the amount of views, likes and shares equates to how much business you will get. You never know who’s watching, and in the end, all that matters is the RIGHT person being reached.