On October 19th, after spending a day at the airport with one delay after another and finally getting an early am flight out of Orlando, I made it to Greensboro, NC to accept a gracious invitation to speak to a group of committed real estate agents. 

The downturn we’re experiencing right now may not feel like a blessing, but one of the key points I wanted to drive home was the golden platter opportunity for agents to massively increase their visibility and impact in the coming year. 

I talked about what agents need to be doing right now and what they need to invest in becoming. To help with that, I demonstrated how my wife and I filled out our first three-section vision board. 

I’m grateful to my host, Karen, and to all the agents who invested some of their own time to hear me speak. My aim, from the beginning, was to pack as much value as possible into that hour. 

And I won’t hesitate to say that this talk is one you won’t want to miss if you’re committed to dominating your market in 2023.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:07 Intro

13:06 Sundays became my Superbowl for my business

18:09 The LAST thing I give up, even as a team leader, is making those calls

20:00 Get rid of all the stuff that is tricking you into thinking you are working

23:14 There’s always an excuse we can lean into

26:23 I want you to invest in becoming a “clips machine” on social

28:51 You have this golden platter opportunity…if you just post a clip every single day

36:29 I like to accomplish a lot of things at once

40:37 The three-section vision board

44:58 Get the permission to take the risk and to take advantage of 2023

51:11 We don’t take part-time employees. We take full-time professionals

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