This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White start the conversation with a BAM article on what it might take to become a homeowner—at least according to many Gen Z and millennial renters. A winning lottery ticket made the list. 

Next up was an Inman article on the phenomenon of boomerang agents returning to their old brokerages, followed by a YouTube Short with Monica Church—a clip from this week’s Over Ask Podcast—telling agents to stop making videos about serious real estate topics. 

Byron and Nicole weigh in on Monica’s advice, the value of going viral, and what kind of content is effective for most agents on YouTube. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:22 Intro

00:22 Topic #1: Winning the lottery vs. homeownership

01:45 Chart: “Home price growth by months into the decade” (Case Shiller)

03:09 Gen Z & millennial perceptions on what it will take to afford a home

06:35 Big takeaways

09:09 Topic #2: Inman article on boomerang agents

11:39 Giving credit to Compass

14:00 Chart: “Percent change in agent count by quarter”

18:30 Big takeaways

23:57 Topic #3: What type of content agents should stop making

25:28 Nicole’s take

27:03 Byron’s take

29:14 Recommendations for (most) agents

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