We had so much fun with this last year that we had to do it again. And by this, we mean share some of the industry’s best holiday content on Instagram. 

For one thing, it gives us the perfect excuse to hang out on IG for a bit and see what some of our favorite content creators have come up with for the winter holiday season. 

They did not disappoint! 

#1—“I’ll buy you a home for Christmas”

This year, “The HallMart Channel” presents a real-estate-themed Christmas movie that nobody asked for—but that absolutely needed to happen. The Property Brothers-in-Law put this gem together, and it’s a must-watch. 

#2—“Even my elf on the shelf hates real estate agents”

We knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the elf on the shelf, but this confirms it. And this Matt Lionetti creation is as therapeutic as it is fun to watch. 

#3—“Deciding if I should go to my brokerage holiday party”

Do you go to your brokerage holiday party if you haven’t been in the office for the past nine months? And if you did—anything to regret?

#4—Realtor 2023 Wrapped (Spotify for Realtors)

The Realtor 2023 Spotify Wrapped just dropped. And by the looks of this one, you’ve had a mixed bag of a year: lots of good, a giant dollop of “educational,” and a generous sprinkling of WTF (the Sitzer/Burnett verdict, for a start). 

#5—Making gingerbread cookies as a boy mom

Taya DiCarlo filmed a moment that sums up what it’s like making gingerbread cookies for the holidays as a boy mom. She turned her back for just one second

And speaking as another mom of boys….same.

#6—Scrooge, Part 1

Shawn King and Kristen Clowry collaborated on a multi-part Reel production of the Dickens novella, “A Christmas Carol,” and this is the first installment: “The Ghost of Real Estate Past.” 

#7—Realtor phrases of the year

The Broke Agent rounded up Realtor phrases for 2020 through 2023, and commenters were happy to suggest some of their own. Which one is your favorite?

#8—When realtors go caroling

Shane Burgman puts a real estate spin on some popular Christmas carols as he goes door to door. The ugly Christmas sweater is burned into my memory, along with the words, “Still renting, baby…” Just watch. 

#9—A Krys-mas Carol

Krys Benyamein made his own “Krys-mas carol” to share with his unsuspecting neighbors. Wearing a reindeer onesie and a Santa hat, he asks, “Are you a landlord looking for ways to make more money?” before sharing “3 easy ways to maximize the amount of rent your properties can generate” — all to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 

#10— “Not everyone is cut out to be a real estate agent” (The Grinch)

This brilliant creation by Derrick Gregory shows exactly why “who you hire as your agent really matters” — and also why boredom isn’t a great reason to get your real estate license. 

#11–One last sale

Another collaborative post by Shawn King shows a hard-working Realtor going door to door on Christmas Eve to get one last sale. After one exasperated homeowner turns him away, he decides to try something risky to get his neighbors in the holiday spirit. 

#12—Realtors on Christmas

Derrick Gregory and The Broke Agent collaborated on this post with a litany of relatable comments made by Realtors during the holiday season. Which one sounds most like you?

Hot tip: Check out these creators’ Instagram pages because some of them will be posting new holiday content in the days ahead.