This week on The Walk Thru, Taya DiCarlo and Jason Cassity join Captain Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to discuss last Sunday’s big event, including the much-anticipated Super Bowl ads and halftime show. 

Next up was a BAM article, “The Cost of Love: How Money Impacts Move-In Decisions,” which led to a (highly entertaining) discussion on whether it makes more sense for couples to live together or maintain separate spaces. (To hear more on this topic, check out this week’s episode of The Real Wordwhere Byron Lazine and Lisa Chinatti discuss the same article.)

Topic #3 was’s partnership with RateMyAgent and each one’s take on whether or not it makes sense or will be a reliable source of agent reviews—especially considering Taya’s well-earned skepticism regarding Zillow’s agent reviews. 

The next topic started with a TikTok from Tony B, which left us impressed with the agent’s delivery and slightly worried about our kneecaps. 

And finally, thanks to changes in Instagram’s content suggestions, agents on the platform are hiding likes. Tune in to hear The Broke Agent’s take on this frustrating new trend. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:07 Intro

03:07 Topic #1: Super Bowl marketing: favorite ads, etc.

07:29 Genius ideas for Super Bowl ads for a real estate business

10:23 Rating the halftime show

12:52 Topic #2: “The Cost of Love” and the “singles tax” for renters

21:52 Topic #3: and RateMyAgent are partnering

26:07 “Just put your reviews on Google.”

28:54 Topic #4: Tony B TikToks–and why they’re so effective

35:31 Topic #5: Hiding likes on Instagram (and why not to)

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