Are you trying to make trending videos? 

You see your fellow real estate content creators crushing it on Instagram, and you’re thinking— 

  • “How do they always seem to know what topics to post on?” or 
  • “I put so much work into that last post, and it got zero engagement” or 
  • “The topic I used yesterday is blazing hot on Google right now. So, why is my Instagram audience scrolling right past my video?”

I’ve got great news. Because Instagram just gave us a hack like never before.

Have you seen this?

If you head to the search page on your Instagram feed now, you will see that there is an up arrow next to different topics that are trending. 


That means videos with those tags are currently popping off. 

So, no need to try and figure out what to create based on what you think might be hot right now. 

Take those trending topics right from Instagram’s search page and make your own content about those. No more guesswork—at least not where your topics are concerned. 

Just make sure you’re creating content that delivers value to your audience. And use hooks they can’t ignore. 

Even if you don’t break any records, your videos are more likely to reach the people most likely to benefit from your content—and most appreciative of what they learn from you. 

And there’s no telling where that could lead. 

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