Ever scrolled through Instagram and been captivated by a video with the ideal song choice? Music can truly elevate your content, but finding the right track can feel overwhelming.

Well, today, I’ve got good news for you. 

Finding the right trending audio to fit your content has never been easier. 

Discover Trending Audio

Finding the right audio is crucial as it can significantly amplify the impact of your videos. Trending sounds not only make your content more relatable but can also increase its reach.

Fortunately, choosing an audio track for your Instagram video is super simple. Here’s how:

1. When you hear a song you like, select the audio button 

2. Click the bookmark button at the top right corner of your screen

This will allow you to create a new folder just for the audio. Just remember to set the volume low enough that it doesn’t compete with your voice. 

Also remember, while both Reels and Stories allow you to add audio magic, there’s a crucial distinction:

  • With Reels, you can select short audio clips, or “sounds,” from the Instagram library. Perfect for adding a catchy sound hook or funny sound effect to your video.
  • With Stories, you can only include songs. Browse the library and find that perfect track to set the mood for your story.

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