Affordability is the theme for this week’s Hot Sheet recap. 

From starter home extinction to low inventory, plus a new bill in Florida, buyers across the country are wondering the same thing: is housing affordability going to get better?

Dive in below for some of this week’s highlights. 

Starter Home Extinction

Affordability remains an issue for buyers across the country—and now, it looks like the $300,000 starter home is going extinct. The reason is, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for homebuilders to construct new homes at an affordable price point. 

Watch the full breakdown of the starter home extinction here

Still No Spring Inventory

Are sellers really on strike? Host Byron Lazine tracks new inventory every week on the Hot Sheet, and nationwide, we’ve yet to see an increase in new inventory this spring. 


Source: Fortune

Sellers who go on the market now are likely to see demand, as the limited inventory is creating multiple offers and driving up bids in many markets. How are you guiding clients who are thinking about selling this year?

Watch the breakdown of spring inventory here

Florida’s Affordable Housing Law

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an affordable housing bill into law. The law will invest $711 million into multiple programs for affordable housing and provide incentives for homebuilders and developers. 

While any bill for affordable housing is a positive, Byron breaks down what he believes the negatives are of this bill: 

Watch the full breakdown of Florida’s affordable housing law here.

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