If you’re a part-time agent you’re likely a full-time asshole. 

Insane hook for Instagram? Yes. A little aggressive? Absolutely. Does it make my point? Sure does.

I have always felt the real estate professional, as the advisor to the largest transaction people typically make in their lifetime, is too important to be anything but all-in.

The All-in Agent

All-in means working the business full-time hours (for real estate agents that is often 50-60 hours per week) without the distraction of another job. It goes far beyond answering client calls. Becoming a real estate professional involves engulfing oneself in the ongoing industry changes and laws that impact clients, consistently training, being coachable…and being timely in all responses to clients and home shoppers.

It is impossible to improve in all of these areas while working another career. The consumer deserves a professional all-in experience. It is flat out disrespectful to their real estate investing, buying, or selling journey to not give the business a full-time commitment. 

This doesn’t mean there aren’t full-time idiots running around out there; we all know one of these. This just means full-time is the starting point to being a true professional.

Who do you trust?

Former CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, said in our recent podcast that there will always be a place for agents despite the continued advancements of the internet. Think about it: would you want to consult with a doctor who only specializes in your particular area of need on the side, or the weekends perhaps? 

Rascoff made the doctor/agent comparison because, despite a new piece of technology coming out that makes the doctor’s job more streamlined, he still would like a professional to consult with on medical decisions. If you take your business seriously enough to consider yourself the doctor of the real estate transaction, but only work part-time, then let me be clear – you are in the wrong business. 

LA’s $750M agent Jon Grauman of The Agency made the same analogy on a recent podcast. This is how true professionals think about their business. About their career. And about the service required to show up and deliver for the life-altering transactions we are entrusted with. 

So, that’s how I feel about part-time agents, and I let Instagram know all about it…

Agent Reactions

Not everyone agrees with my take on this. Take a look at some of the comments this post received:

“I beg to differ, some part time agents are more professional and productive than many long time full time real estate agents…. This video is just ridiculous in my opinion, you’re painting everyone that’s part time with the same brush…”


“This part-time ass…O. is killing it. I just listed a $995,000 home and it went under contract in less than 24 hours. And I may be getting a 1.3 million listing from it.”


“Disagree. Full time/part time are social constructs. Be present. Be competent. No one is available 24/7… If you are showing homes to a buyer for several hours, doing a final walk through, writing an offer…guess what, you are not available to another client. Would you also argue that you shouldn’t do business with a realtor that does both residential and commercial since that means one is “part-time” or an agent that covers multiple states or towns…since doing one “full-time” is superior? Or would you argue that humans are capable of doing many things well? One more analogy…For anyone that has children, when you are doing realtor related tasks are you still a full-time “parent” to your children at that moment or are you a part-time parent? We can be more than one thing. Don’t let social constructs stop you.”


“What’s the difference between a part time agent who is at a job and a full time agent with another client? Availability is availability. There are many ways to leverage your colleagues to handle a showing for you if you’re unavailable due to another form of employment or a commitment to another client. There are many full time agents who HAD to start of as part time to build up their business to have the ability to walk away from their other profession. I wouldn’t knock someone who is trying to build something for themselves. Additionally some who are wise enough leverage their other profession as a sphere to build up their business. Most people work 9-5 anyway and typically can’t get to a showing until later in the day or weekend.”


“Gotta disagree. Using the fact you’re FT to put yourself over the PT is a little weak. I certainly hope you have more than that as a way to differentiate yourself as an agent. Besides the side hustle is much more respected these days. Someone doing a side hustle shows ambition and drive. And besides, I know plenty of FT realtors who can’t return a call or send over a signed document on time to save their life.”


Of course, there are those who feel just as strongly as I do about this topic:

“🙌 🙌 amen”


“1,000% your best video ever!!!🔥🔥🔥”


“Not sure why so many can’t grasp this concept 🤦”


“Imagine the home comes onto the market and the agent says…. Sorry I’m at my other job right now and can’t deal with this time sensitive matter … 🙄”


“🔥 Gotta let em know. #truth


“The last thing buyers need is a realtor that cant be there for them to attend showings/ call the list agent / write an offer immediately. #backburner


“Someone had to say it like that!!! People need to understand that real estate is NOT part time. If you want a part-time job go somewhere else”


“👏👏👏👏 100% agree! I push all of our part time agents to go full time as fast as they can and they just need to trust themselves and the team that we aren’t going to let them fail/not make enough to live on and then some. You not only miss out on clients when you are part time but you can’t grow to your capacity when your mind is somewhere else 50-80% of the time. 👏👏👏🙌🙌”


“I started as a part time agent and quickly realized that it’s not what was best for my clients or what I wanted to do – so I took the plunge and 17 years later I’ve helped a ton of families with my undivided attention! Great video!”


“Spot on! I always make sure my clients ARE NOT working with part timers. Best way to mess up a deal! I always look up how many deals they’ve closed recently…”


“Honestly I’ve tried both and it is incredibly hard to be a part time agent. I completely agree with you. FT is best!”


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