How many would-be homeowners right now are looking at the market and thinking, “Meh. I’ll just live on a cruise ship for three years and reassess in 2026”? 

This week’s Walk Thru explores that possibility, with four agents weighing in on how the popularity of travel could sway would-be homebuyers into pursuing this option—and whether this could impact inventory in a meaningful way.  

Next, Lindsey Jo, Lexi DePasquale, and Linzi Breuhan join Dan Oneil in discussing fee hikes at Real Brokerage, followed by how today’s market is similar to—and different from—the 2021 spring housing market

Finally, they discuss seven types of social media content real estate agents should be creating right now to build their brand in 2023.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:43 Intro

03:43 Topic #1: Three years at sea vs. homeownership

10:47 Topic #2: Fee hikes for new & existing agents at Real Brokerage

20:14 Topic #3: 2021 spring housing market all over again?

30:42 Topic #4: 7 Types of Social Media Content to Create Right Now

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