Most people believe the only platform where you can still grow your following organically is TikTok. But Paige Steckling is proof that exponential growth is still happening on Instagram. 

Less than a year ago, Paige had 800 Instagram followers. She began utilizing Instagram Reels in July 2021 in pursuit of attracting more business. And she has gotten more business through Reels…along with over 25,000 followers. 

On this episode of Over Ask Podcast, Paige spilled all her secrets for going viral. Keep reading for how she consistently creates Reels that hit 1 million views.

1. Keep your Reels short.

It seems as though that magic number for holding your audiences’ attention continues to get shorter and shorter. Paige recommends keeping the length of each Reel incredibly short…just 6-9 seconds in length.

The key – and this is before the video begins – is to catch your audiences’ attention. A visually appealing cover photo, with the video topic clearly stated, is a good place to start. From there, keep your video under 10 seconds.

2. Add writing overlays.

How can you get your message across in under 10 seconds? 

By utilizing all Instagram has to offer. For Reels, this includes writing overlays. Not only do you get to add in some extra information, but it also keeps the video visually stimulating. If people don’t catch the entire written message after watching the video one time, chances are they’ll watch it a few times in a row, which gets your video more exposure.

3. Make it easy to recreate.

Instagram loves when people spend time on its app. If they are busy recreating videos that you put out, IG will reward you for it. 

Here’s the best part – it doesn’t even have to be your original audio. Paige’s most viral video hit 8 million views, and it’s because after she posted it, everyone was recreating it. She had taken the audio from another content creator, put a real estate spin on it, and the Reel took off.

4. Entertain in the Reel.

In order for people to stick around for an entire 9 seconds, keep it entertaining! Use trending audio, make people laugh, and go all out to keep people engaged.

5. Educate in the caption.

Sure, entertainment is great, but to keep people coming back, you must add some value. 

This is what the captions are for. Paige opts for long-form captions, which act almost like a blog. These detailed posts are essential for sharing valuable information with your target audience, and it shows that not only do you have a sense of humor, but that you are an expert in your marketplace. In addition, longer captions on Instagram are great for boosting your SEO. 

Going viral isn’t just about gaining followers…it’s about gaining business. And now Paige gets calls and DMs on a regular basis for people who are ready to hire her, solely because of how she entertains and educates on Instagram. For more on social media marketing, watch the full episode or sign up for BAM’s course.