BAM Key Details:

  • Bright MLS, CRMLS, and BeachesMLS announced a data share among the three organizations.
  • Set to launch in 2023, the data share will allow subscribers to gain access to listing data from all three MLSs. 

Two weeks after the announcement of Nestfully, three prominent MLSs announced a national data share agreement.

Combined, Bright MLS, CRMLS, and BeachsMLS serve over 50 million consumers. The new data share agreement, set to launch later in 2023, will provide access to listing data in all three platforms for subscribers. 

Tech Solutions for the MLS Industry

Last year, Bright MLS and CRMLS announced a plan to collaborate on technology solutions for the MLS industry. One of those solutions is Nestfully, a portal designed by the residential industry for consumers. Another is REdistribute, which aims to provide brokers transparency on the distribution and consumption of their data. 

The new data share agreement is the next step in the plan, which allows users in all three MLSs access to current and historical listing data from each platform.

These data shares are one of the bricks in what we are building for this industry. Combined with Nestfully and REdistribute, we are innovating fast, and at scale, to help brokers and our subscribers best service consumers in this dynamic real estate environment.

Art Carter


National Data for Mover Migrations

Rising home prices, increased mortgage rates, and inflation have led many home buyers to expand their search beyond their local housing market. Over the past couple of years, more Americans have opted to move to a new state in search of affordable housing that fits their lifestyle.

Home buyers’ and sellers’ needs have changed in a dramatic way over the past several years. Geographic boundaries are changing for homebuyers and sellers as they go about making decisions about homes that fit their changing needs.

Brian Donnellan

President & CEO, Bright MLS

Mover migration studies show that more people moved to the Southeast and Southwest than anywhere else in 2022—with Florida being one of the top destinations for inbound traffic. The data share among Bright MLS, CRMLS, and BeachesMLS allows users to easily access information that will help their consumers. 

The Sunshine State is seeing emerging migration patterns from California and the Mid-Atlantic. We know through data that over half a million people moved to Florida in 2022 – that’s 28% higher than the previous 5-6 years. We are excited to provide our practitioners a direct linkage to these meaningful marketplaces and work between these key markets seamlessly.

Dionna Hall

CEO, Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors® and BeachesMLS