The white BMW has long held the status of a real estate agent’s favorite car. And it makes sense: as a luxury car, it upholds an image of luxury, success, and professionalism. 

In a recent Reel, Ramon Casaus shared some pretty convincing reasons to trade in that BMW:

Ramon breaks down why he’s loving his lifted Ford Raptor as an agent:

  1. Tires: Agents need to be prepared for all terrains at all times
  2. Overhead lights: 3 sets of overhead lights (so you can light up the entire neighborhood when headed to showings after dark)
  3. Lifted: Takes curbs like a champ so you can get past any traffic jams
  4. Moonroof: Stand up through the moonroof when driving through a neighborhood for 360 views

Best Car for Real Estate Agents

The video got us wondering: what cars are agents loving right now? We took the question to the BAMx community to find out. 

Here’s what agents had to say.

Image Matters…

Even when the car doesn’t boast luxury status, real estate agents emphasize the importance of upholding a pristine image. Of course, image matters in some markets more than others! But given that virtually every client encounter involves showcasing your vehicle, prioritizing a well-maintained appearance is not just advisable, but essential.

…But Practicality Rules All

Let’s face it…you probably spend more time in your car than in your office. This means a reliable, comfortable car that’s big enough to carry all your open house signs (or clients), is a must. 

Most importantly: Can you afford it?

Some agents get so caught up in the image of being successful, they forget one important detail: finances.

What do you think the best car is for real estate agents? Let us know on this post