Struggling to balance being a hyper-local market expert with expanding your reach on social media? You’re not alone.

Fortunately, I have a perfect reel for you—and it is incredibly easy to create. 

In my article, “Impact over Likes,” I argued that chasing viral fame isn’t the best strategy for real estate agents. Most of those likes won’t convert into actual clients. Your focus should be building a strong local audience that’s ready to buy or sell.

But what if you could achieve both?  Here’s a simple, hyper-local reel strategy that can attract new followers while solidifying your position as the neighborhood expert.

Market Data that Converts

I have often used the technique I am about to share to reach new accounts and keep consistent with my brand, but this one hit. I was initially inspired by fellow BAMxer Rachel Govot, who posted a reel breaking down the average days on market. 

When watching her post, I realized that almost all the prospects I speak to are completely clueless about what the current days on market are. So, I leveraged my local MLS data to create a quick and informative reel in just 30 minutes. Here’s how…

Data Matters to Locals

A bit of quick math and you’ll see that over 1,000 people interacted with my reel. 

Now, why is this more impactful than 1,000 people interacting with just any reel? It’s because this is hyper-local content. Why would someone interact with a piece of content that details the DOM in my local market—unless they are in my local market? This is a targeted piece, keeping me on brand as a hyper-local market expert, but also giving me a taste of virality. 

Recreate this Local Market Data Reel in 30 Minutes

Here are the steps to do this in your market.

Step 1: Grab a visually appealing local clip. We all know that attention-grabbing visual content is crucial for capturing an audience, so let’s have this as the background of our reel. 

Step 2: Select the hyper-local market data points you want to use as the text overlay. This will require you to dig into your local MLS. You can use average price points, days on market, list price to sales price data, zip code comparisons, year-over-year comparisons, etc. 

Step 3: Choose a trending audio that matches the vibe you are going for.

Step 4: Add the text overlay to coincide with the audio. Keep in mind the visual aspect of the video when adding the text. You want to use a clear and aesthetic text overlay that doesn’t look too busy or distracting. I add and manipulate the timing for my text overlay content directly inside the Instagram app.

Step 5: Download the video to your phone once the clip is complete (but before you hit share). This way you can distribute the clip to other platforms. The music will not save so you will need to add new audio for the other platforms.

Step 6: Write an engaging and informative caption that complements your reel and elaborates on the hyper-local market data relevant to those interested in buying and selling in your market. 

Get Started Today

This strategy, in my experience, offers a powerful way to achieve local virality while solidifying your market expert status.  Think about it: stunning local visuals paired with hyper-relevant real estate data? It’s a recipe for engagement and establishing yourself as the go-to source.

With the year halfway done, it’s a perfect time to jump on this trend. I plan to use it for a mid-year review of my town’s market, showcasing year-to-date data on overall trends and average sales prices in nearby communities.