On this 260th episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking with Kevin Kauffman, a real estate OG and team leader. He also co-hosts The Kevin and Fred Show with Fred Weaver. 

Kevin and Fred are founders of the Next Level Agents group and run a large real estate team called 46:10, which covers multiple states and cities. Right now, they’re shrinking that team and looking for ways to streamline it. 

Today, we talk about why some agents will never succeed in real estate and why others will. Kevin reveals what he learned while he was part of Gary Keller’s inner circle and what it means for newer agents looking to expand into a new market or build a team. 

We also break down why it’s so important to attend your company’s conferences, why so many people’s actions (and calendars) don’t match their stated priorities, and what short-timers in the industry have in common. 

The format of this episode is more of a conversation than an interview, but it’s packed with revelations and insights you’ll be thinking about for days. Don’t miss it. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0008:04 Intro

18:31 Kevin explains his business model

23:34 Advice for agents looking to expand into a new market or build a team

28:37 How to determine when to move to another market

42:06 “The industry wants to keep us dumb…”

53:10 Why you should attend your company conferences

55:50 Common threads among the six people who left Dustin’s team

59:37 When your actions (and your calendar) don’t match your goals

01:03:00 Some people take an inch and go a mile; some do the opposite

01:05:25 Your success—or your failure—is 100% on you

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