Jessie Yerxa was one of the pioneers of social media in the late 2000s, and she’s the first person ever to post on Facebook as a real estate agent. 

And sure, there was some push-back at first. At the time, Facebook was more of a social hangout, not a place to promote your business. But Jessie is living proof that, when you stand out, you can use that to your advantage—even when it’s not in a positive light at first. 

In today’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Jessie reveals what she did to go from barely surviving to growing a seven-figure business. 

And it all started with the viral cup song from Pitch Perfect. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:42 Intro

02:39 Jessie’s elevator pitch

05:47 What did that pushback on FB look like?

07:08 Was it harder for you to get something going?

10:05 What did you do to establish trust at a young age?

12:44 What were the first videos like?

17:59 Do you think agents need to get back to more traditional marketing?

25:10 Where do you get most of your business?

35:34 Walk us through your process of getting leads from social media

45:58 What did your first year look like?

49:42 What are you coaching your agents & peers to do during the market shift?

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