Jas Takhar started in sales when he was 12 years old, and he’s sold it all— newspapers, shoes, telephone banking, car sales, and real estate. 

As of today, Jas has sold over $2.1 billion in real estate. In this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, he talks about his journey in sales, how to build rapport with clients, and why investing content is important.

He also drills down on three things agents should do over the holidays. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:20 Intro

02:29 $2.1 billion in real estate transactions

06:59 What did you start doing to get business in real estate?

15:00 Jas’s whole content model

20:22 Can a realtor be a good agent if they’re not good at sales?

27:55 How do you develop rapport?

32:11 Find your lane in content creation

42:23 Experience breeds confidence

48:33 One video a day, 2 podcasts a month

53:13 The best thing about working with investors

59:17 Three things agents should be doing right now

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