Just like a FSBO that’s been sitting on the market for months on end, Lamar Jackson is learning the hard way that sometimes, even the best need a little help from the pros to sell themselves. 

In fact, he just may be the worst FSBO of all time. 

Breakdown of Lamar Jackson’s Contract Saga

For those who aren’t sports fans, Lamar Jackson is one of the most successful and electric quarterbacks in the NFL. He BOASTS (get it?!?) a win percentage of .738 and won the league’s MVP in 2019. But, he gets injured a lot and has only played in 63% of the Ravens’ games since he landed the starting job.

Right now he is looking to sign a new NFL contract as a free agent and he isn’t willing to settle. But the league isn’t biting as Jackson has been struggling to secure his next contract without the help of an agent. On March 14, he tweeted about a $133 million, 3-year offer from the Baltimore Ravens that was fully guaranteed but came with a caveat – he needed an agent to negotiate the deal.

There are plenty of arguments for both sides of the contract negotiations, including issues with guaranteed contracts, health concerns, and whether or not Jackson will be able to continue to play at such a high level: 

But Jackson refuses to budge. 

On March 27, Jackson took to Twitter again, this time with a letter to his fans:

Just like all those FSBOs waiting for buyers to knock their doors down, Jackson is holding out for the perfect contract to come along and seems to be doing a horrific job at marketing himself. In typical FSBO fashion, he even created a website with his own marketing and it’s just about as bad as uploading a listing photo with the owner in the reflection. His website is supposed to give updates on his career, but it looks like a cheap BlogSpot website from 2011. 

As of today, the bidding war Lamar expected has not happened and the longer he sits on the market, the more people wonder what’s wrong with him. But who needs an agent anyway!?