On this week’s episode of The Walk Thru, Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent sit down with Austin-based Real broker Jeremy Knight and Dustin Brohm, aka The Massive Agent, who’s waiting on his “Token eXp guy” t-shirt. 

Starting with BAM’s coverage of the eXp bombshell, they also discussed home ownership wealth and the value of evergreen and repurposed content.

What’s with eXp’s numbers?

Byron kicked things off with a reference to BAM’s recent post, “Why is eXp cherry-picking the numbers?” and pointing to the slide Dustin shared from eXp Week. Byron asked Dustin whether he anticipated the spotlight on eXp’s numbers or whether this was typical of their marketing: 


He also referenced a tweet by eXp’s Glen Sanford and asked Dustin if he’s heard other eXp agents talking about it. 


Dustin and Jeremy understandably had different perspectives on the issue, but all four agreed that eXp’s use of those numbers made for a good conversation starter. The posts in Facebook’s Lab Coat Agents group and BAM’s Instagram have been getting massive engagement on this topic. 

It’s disappointing because I don’t want to talk about stuff like this. We have amazing agents that are coming over, and eXp has amazing agents…. But when you make misleading stats that then go out to the agents, then that becomes a rallying cry.

Jeremy Knight

Byron asked both whether they saw any value in a three-person debate – with BAM, Real Brokerage, and eXp – on the issue. Dustin and Jeremy are both open to it. 

Home Ownership Wealth

There’s never really been a time when owning real estate was bad for your wealth. And with crypto tanking, and stock values falling, even with real estate prices being at their highest, it’s our responsibility as real estate professionals to educate consumers on why this is the safest and best investment option. 


I think we should take it a step further and educate people on why they should not sell their house – why they should make it an investment property.… It’s very rare that you find somebody that’s like, “I’m so glad I sold my house 20 years ago,” you know. Everyone wishes they would’ve held onto it.

Dustin Brohm

The best way to build trust is to be so damn transparent that it cuts through all the other noise.

Byron Lazine

BAM marketing post & Jason Pantana video

For the next topic, Byron recalled a recent BAM staff post – “Marketing that lasts years, not days” – which segued to a Jason Pantana video, “Marketing that appreciates over time.” 

The big takeaway is the importance of creating a foundation of evergreen content – specifically content your audience wants and will still find value in years after you publish it. 

I think that’s why the blog and having posts that are more sustainable — stuff that people are searching — is extremely important for agents building their profile and brands building their profile.

The Broke Agent

Repurposing old content

With everyone on vacation, July is a tough month for real estate content. But one strategy should be everyone’s go-to, especially when the creative juices are running low (and even when they’re not). 

What you have to do is realize that your followers from 2018, 2019 are not the same as your followers from 2020, 2021… Repurposing old content, reposting old videos, going into your comment section, going into your old captions, and just getting content from yourself is such a boost instead of trying to source it from other people.

The Broke Agent

Byron expanded on the comment strategy, which for many is a goldmine of content ideas. 

The comment strategy, I think, is brilliant. That Mortgage Guy, Scott Betley, is doing a great job of that right now on TikTok….He’s literally just walking in his neighborhood, shooting video, replying to the comment, and creating another piece of content. So… every time somebody comments, boom, he’s creating another video around the comment itself.

Byron Lazine

Watch the full episode for more. 

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