Social feeds update every second. This means your typical post will have a lifespan of 24 hours, 48 hours if it gains some traction, and a week tops if it goes viral.

It may seem like the only way to get anybody’s attention is to constantly barrage them with more content. While consistency certainly matters (find out how often to post with The Broke Agent’s Instagram Prescription), you can also make sure you are working smarter when it comes to your marketing and branding efforts. 

Jason Pantana, Tom Ferry Coach and Marketing Consultant, explains that various marketing opportunities actually appreciate over time:

Google Business Profile

Every consumer turns to Google before making a purchase or hiring a professional. So if someone searches your name or your team and comes up with limited results, they are likely to turn to another agent. 

The reviews, photos, and videos you publish on your Google Business Profile will continue to show up in future years. As these items accumulate, it becomes proof that you are the market expert. Focus on creating a Google Business Profile with:

  • Over 100 reviews
  • Photos of your listings, office and team
  • Videos that you or your team are currently producing

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a search engine. Which means videos with searchable titles and show descriptions have the potential to perform well for years, not days. For videos that continue to do well over time, consider creating content that:

  • Highlights the most well-known restaurants, shopping, and businesses in your market
  • Answers FAQs from buyers and sellers in any market
  • Show what it’s like to live in your market

Quality production, paired with keywords consumers are likely to search, brings these types of videos to the forefront. While these videos may not go viral immediately, they will continue to pop up in online searches. 

The best part is people searching for these types of videos are potential clients in your market. If a person is searching ‘Best neighborhoods in ____,’ chances are they are considering a move. So when it comes to solid leads, these efforts are more effective than a viral parody. (Just ask Bob Tompkins. He’s done both).


Yes, TikTok is a social media platform that constantly updates. But when people like and engage with your content, TikTok shows them more of your videos, including older posts. Plus, it’s still the most accessible platform to grow a following right now. 


Blogging is a way to turn all of your other content into an SEO masterpiece. This doesn’t mean you need to think of new topics and create entirely new content – just double down on what you are already doing!

For every video you produce, create a blog. This helps your content live on through SEO. You can also consider topics continually searched for on Google, like state taxes. Byron Lazine’s real estate team created a blog on Connecticut mill rates. It consistently ranks high in national searches and can be recreated every year. 

Marketing is a part of entrepreneurship that takes tremendous effort. By focusing on the types of content discussed above, you’ll continue to impact your business and your clients.