Today, I am proud to announce Tessabella Jelten and Ramon Casaus as BAM Creators

Introducing Tessa

In case you don’t know Tessa, she has been a force in the real estate industry for years as a keynote speaker, investor, marketing strategist, real estate agent, podcaster, influencer, graphic designer, social media savant… you name it. She can do it all.

She was also one of our most requested guests on the Over Ask Podcast where she dropped some of the best posting advice for agents that we have ever heard. 

Back in 2019, Tessa and I first connected by working together on an Instagram growth ebook. It was my first ebook, and Tessa handled all the graphics, formatting, lead pages, and directly linked all the contacts to Mailchimp. She is one of the foundational reasons that The Broke Agent has an email list, which has since grown to tens of thousands for BAM. 

Introducing Ramon

Ramon is a serial entrepreneur, the founder of ROC Real Estate Partners, an author, podcaster, Realtor, influencer, speaker…you name it. He’s also jacked. 

House of Agents

These two are made for each other and together have started the House of Agents podcast which will be airing on Wednesdays! House of Agents is a real estate focused show that will undoubtedly teach you more than real estate school ever could. Their goal is to give you the tools, tips and insider strategies needed to beat the odds and truly succeed in the world of Real Estate!

 Check out their first episode, and be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of their shows.

I am so happy to have Ramon and Tessa as a part of the BAM brand! Can’t wait to see what they do next.