It is an honor to announce my good friends Matt Lionetti and Dan Oneil as Exclusive BAM Creators!

We are beyond excited to make it official and can’t wait to see what these creative geniuses do next on the BAM platform.

Before I get into what we have planned for the future, I want to tell the story of how we all got connected, started making content together, and eventually became close friends.

Three years ago, in January 2020, I was doing something called “Agent Spotlight,” where every week, I would highlight an agent on @TheBrokeAgent account who was doing something funny or unique on Instagram. Back then, there were only a handful of agents committed to humorous content, and the goal of Agent Spotlight was to introduce the real estate community to these agents and help them get more exposure. I’m such a great guy, right!? JK…there was a monetary transaction involved, and I knew that in order for the BA to grow, it couldn’t just be me.

Anyway, both Matt and Dan DM’d me to get featured. Once their names popped up, I knew their content would resonate with my audience. Matt immediately stood out with an entire library of actual skits, parody phone calls, and straight-up music videos. I also saw him featured on the ActuallyAgents page, so shout out to Luca! 

Dan’s content was unlike anything I had ever seen. He was jumping off jet skis, riding horses, and doing all sorts of wild stuff to market his real estate business.

When Dan messaged me, I remembered that I had a phone conversation with him a year prior about creating more educational content and my goal to become The “Barstool” of real estate. Ever since our first interaction, he was fully on board, supportive, and willing to contribute in whatever way he could.

Most people who I featured on Agent Spotlight gained a couple of hundred followers. Both Matt and Dan gained a couple thousand. The people LOVED their content, and I knew we all had to continue working together in some capacity.

A few months later the pandemic hit and the entire real estate industry, seemingly in unison, started making funny content. TikTok blew up and every agent tried their hand at comedy with lip-syncs, skits, and vomit-inducing dances. Most of it was under the guise of humor (meaning the audience can recognize that it is supposed to be humor), but it wasn’t actually funny. Matt and Dan’s content always stood out and was USUALLY hilarious. 

In the summer of 2020, the three of us became really close and started talking regularly about content ideas, engagement tactics for Instagram, and how to keep evolving with the ever-changing landscape of social media. Both Matt and Dan started sending me ideas for The BA on a daily basis, whether it was a funny video, a text convo, or a hilarious comment that later became a post.  

For the first time since I started The BA, it felt like I had other creative allies in the industry who shared the same level of passion for creating funny content in this very particular niche. 

The Start of Something Bigger

That same summer, I finally decided to go ALL IN on the brand. I started a show with Ben Fisher called The Broke News Network to mix in real estate news, marketing tips, and comedy. Matt did a “Canadian Reporter” segment, and Dan dressed as the grim reaper for a Halloween episode. Both were willing to create content for free and participate in whatever we were doing. I very much appreciate the time and effort that it took to make these videos for a brand they were not yet officially involved in.

In 2021, Matt and I decided to work on something a little more permanent and came up with something brilliant that’s never been done before… a PODCAST!

Because who doesn’t want to hear two “Real Estate Instagram Comedians” talk about the algorithm every week!?

When we came up with the idea, I immediately saw Matt’s work ethic and commitment. It seemed like every hour, he was texting me ideas, logos, and guests he wanted to have on. And yes… Matt did come up with the name, Over Ask. I will finally admit to that publicly. 

The best part about this podcast was that I wasn’t even going to be on it. It was just “presented by The Broke Agent.” In fact, I wasn’t on it for the first six or seven episodes, and he interviewed some heavy hitters with perfection: Jordan Cohen, Ryan Serhant, Mauricio Umansky, Maya Vander from Selling Sunset, and more.

We would prep for hours, come up with questions, and Matt would handle the actual pressure of talking to these people. It takes guts to do that, and I loved that he was willing to just throw himself out there without any buffer. 

After each episode, we would recap, and Matt continued to show his willingness to accept criticism and evolve, improving every week. A couple of months in, we decided to add me in as a permanent co-host for another perspective on marketing in real estate.

Here’s the second-ever episode with Ryan Serhant. Look at the quality compared to what we have now:

Outside of the podcast, Matt, Dan, and I started speaking together at virtual events, brokerages, and masterminds. At night, we would go on Clubhouse and basically just talk shit to each other for hours. 

For years I had been doing every Broke Agent “thing” on my own, and I can’t tell you how awesome it was to start doing content and speaking with friends. Before Over Ask and working with Matt and Dan, I hated doing speaking gigs. With them, I gained confidence and started to actually enjoy them. Matt and I even spoke at Inman Connect this summer in Vegas after taking home the Inman Innovator Award for best video podcast!

Inman Innovator Award

BAM Creators

Once BAM launched in April of last year, Dan brought in a whole new angle to our content. He produced high-quality vlogs, hosted debates, hosted The Walk Thru, started his own podcast, participated in webinars, and basically BLED for this company since day one without asking for a thing in return. 

Both Matt and Dan have been there every step of the way….Ok, this is getting way too long and sentimental. Here’s the point of this whole post:

Matt and Dan have been an integral part of our brand’s evolution from The Broke Agent to BAM and I’m excited to announce they will play an even bigger role in BAM going forward. 

As official BAM Creators, Matt and Dan will be doing more content, shows, speaking, and whatever genius shit they come up with next. One of my favorite things about these guys is that they do not get complacent. They are constantly evolving and hungry to keep growing.

We are honored to have them officially on the BAM team.

If you’re not already following Matt Lionetti and Dan Oneil, do it now. The Broke Agent brand wouldn’t be here without them, and we couldn’t be happier to have them be a part of BAM.