I love highlighting local businesses. It’s something I like to sprinkle in on my Feed, like this one featuring SnoCorner, or this one featuring Rose City Pizza.

A lot of agents tell me that creating videos for local businesses is too much of a time waster. And I get it—back when I thought I had to interview business owners, they took me a long time, too. But I’ve changed how I create these videos, and it has made all the difference. 

This is how you make the ultimate local spotlight video. And it’s not how you think. 

The local spotlight, ladies and gentlemen, has never been easier. The next time you go out to dinner, whether you’re solo or with a friend— 

  • Pull out your phone
  • Change the video setting to 60 frames per second, and 
  • Record clips of what’s happening

By that, I mean record clips of key moments like opening the door as you walk in and when the food is brought out—and, of course, your reaction to whatever you ordered. 

If you’re with someone and they’re willing to hold the phone for some of these moments, have them record a clip of you enjoying a bite of your meal—or a sip of your drink. And do the same for them (if they don’t mind being in the video). 

If you’re feeling artsy, you can try and get some cool shots. But don’t feel pressured into it. The goal is really just to capture the place. 

Best of all? No interviews required. 

What to do with your b-roll

Once you have all of your b-roll recorded, head over to an app like CapCut or Adobe Premiere and put the footage in the order you want. Record a voiceover, place it over the video, add some cool captions, and voila! You now have the most shareable type of local spotlight. 

If you found this helpful, share it with someone you know.