Listing videos can’t afford to be another yawner showcasing the same old home highlights. They need to pack a punch. Buyers are hungry for more than just a house; they’re on the hunt for a slice of the lifestyle.

Remember, you’re not just selling four walls and a roof—you’re selling a life that could be. 

To really hit the mark, consider these three key points on your next listing videos to resonate with the ideal buyer and stand out in a sea of sameness.

Location, Location, Location

When I set the stage for a listing video, the first thing I zero in on is the ‘where.’ This isn’t just about the address; it’s about painting a picture of the lifestyle that the location offers. Is it nestled in a serene suburb, perfect for those looking for a quiet retreat? Or is it in the heart of the city, steps away from the bustling nightlife? 

Dive into the details that will catch the eye of the target buyer – is it a young professional, a growing family, or perhaps a retiree looking for easy access to amenities? This isn’t just about selling a property; it’s about selling the dream location for the dream buyer.

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Features – More Than 4 Walls

The second focal point is the property’s features. Go beyond the standard list of amenities by showcasing the aspects that make this property stand out. Does it boast a resort-style pool that screams luxury? Is there a backyard oasis for those endless summer barbecues? 

Highlight unique elements that make a property more than just a house – it’s a potential home that fits their needs. 

And for the savvy investors among the buyers, spotlight the potential for a profitable flip, a lucrative Airbnb hotspot, or a stable long-term rental. Each feature is a chapter in the property’s story, so make sure to tell it in a way that each buyer can see themselves as the protagonist.

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Crafting the Perfect Intro & Outro

The final touches of the listing video are the intro and outro – these are the bookends that hold the narrative together. Here’s where I get creative, often turning to ChatGPT for a sprinkle of genius.

It’s about creating a catchy hook that resonates and makes the viewer want to keep watching. As far as the outro, it needs to leave a lasting impression and leave viewers feeling something. This isn’t about throwing in a flashy slogan; it’s about an opening statement that captivates and a closing call-to-action that propels the viewer to make the next move (DM you, share the Reel, or leave a comment). 

An intro and outro can make the difference between a memorable showcase and a forgettable listing. Every word counts, and I make sure each one is geared toward leaving the viewers itching to see the property in person. 

Bonus points: my sphere reaches out to me directly BECAUSE of the effort I put into these videos, they are a marketing attractor!

Here are two ChatGPT prompts to use for your intro and outro:

Prompt 1: 

“I want to make a reel about a home I will be listing that is a fixer-upper, and the buyer could be walking into serious equity. I want the reel to have a hook that catches attention, along with three points that will make any investor want to buy this home. Use SEO trends from TikTok and Instagram to create the script.”

Prompt 2: 

“I am listing a home that is within ten minutes of shops and restaurants and has an amazing tropical oasis backyard. I will be making a 60-second video about the home and need a good intro and outro line options that are funny and witty and entice home buyers to look at the home.”

Remember that a great listing video does more than just showcase a property—it ignites the buyer’s imagination. It’s your closing argument, your final pitch, and your best shot at connecting with potential buyers (and future sellers) on an emotional level. So, make those first and last impressions count with an intro that grabs attention and an outro that sticks. 

Go beyond the basics—sell the dream, and watch as viewers transform into visitors, and visitors into homeowners.