The real estate industry is filled with creatives. You’ve likely watched listing videos on social media and had at least one of the following thoughts:

If only my listings were multi-million dollar properties.

I’m not creative enough to come up with ideas for videos.

I don’t have a big enough following to do that. 

My sellers are old-school—they’d never go for a video like that.

Like many, Madeline Tracy, a Compass agent in Naples, FL, had doubts of her own when it came to more non-traditional marketing strategies. But with a little nudge from Matt Lionetti at last month’s BAM Camp, she went all-in on a listing video that played off this year’s biggest movie. 

It turns out her listing in Naples was the perfect backdrop for Beach Barbie:

So, was it worth it for Tracy to bring herself (and her sellers) to stray from a more traditional video walk-through? Read on to find out. 

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Tracy is used to providing her clients with a marketing strategy that includes professional photography and videography. While the majority of real estate agents and home sellers in Naples lean into more conservative marketing methods, Tracy’s videographer, Eddel Martinez of Premier Media Group, has been encouraging her to do something outside the norm. 

So, when it came time to schedule a video for the property on 4th Avenue, Tracy and Martinez started brainstorming. Tracy began by thinking about the best features of the property, including its proximity to the beach. Inspired by this, she decided to ride the wave of the moment, starring none other than the iconic Barbie, to showcase the extraordinary lifestyle that the home offered.

Because what other property allows you to walk to 5th, cruise in a Moke and head to the beach all in the same day? 

That’s where the character is coming from—it’s taking you through the walk-through, and everything about the character has been built around the lifestyle of that neighborhood. It’s about selling without realizing you’re being sold to.

Madeline Tracy

Real estate agent, Compass

Getting Her Sellers On Board

With a plan in place and filming just around the corner, Tracy hadn’t shared her idea with her sellers. Although she had visualized the entire video, she was unsure whether she could bring the idea to life—and the last thing she wanted to do was create something that wasn’t worthy of the incredible property she was listing. 

That week, as she got ready for BAM Camp, Tracy wasn’t even sure if she’d go through with filming it. But that was before she saw Matt Lionetti’s opening keynote, where he showcased listing videos he’s done for multi-million dollar properties. Afterward, she had a conversation with Lionetti, asking, “How do you position your video ideas to your sellers?” 

 His answer was pure gold—pitch it as a commercial. Explain that it complements the standard luxury property marketing, adding an extra layer to attract more eyeballs. 

 Inspired by Lionetti’s advice, Tracy knew it was now or never. So, she called her sellers, unveiled her idea, and used some of Lionetti’s magic words to soothe their initial questions. The outcome? Though hesitant at first, her sellers, whom she’d worked with before, trusted her judgment and told her to go for it. 

The Response to Beach Barbie

The insights from Tracy’s video on Instagram speak for themselves—over 24,000 views, 50 comments, 72 shares and 18 saves. “To my seller, that means a lot,” Tracy said. “That’s not coming from the MLS.” 

In addition, an agent whom Tracy never worked with before saw the video online and made a showing request the first weekend it hit the market.

As an agent, your goal is to sell the house, but it’s also to service your client. To be able to layer social media marketing on, and show the effectiveness of it, is a game changer. It makes your client feel like you are going that extra mile. It shows your commitment to providing service that is curious and ever-changing.

Madeline Tracy

Real estate agent, Compass

As far as her sellers—well, let’s just say any hesitations they had at first are long gone. They love how it came out and are thrilled with the extra attention the video is getting for the property. One of the owners even started an Instagram account just so she could see all the comments and engagement. 

Because they trusted Tracy’s instincts as a professional, they now know how much extra thought and attention she puts into every listing. It’s something they’re bound to remember they next time they have any real estate needs. 

And it all started with Tracy taking a step outside her comfort zone to better service her clients.