TikTok is a beast of its own in the social media landscape. A very powerful beast that has the ability to generate actual, qualified real estate leads. When used correctly, one TikTok post can be pushed to users who raise their hand to work with YOU. No dancing required. 

TikTok’s unique algorithm tailors content based on users’ viewing habits, time of use, location, and more, making it a goldmine for local content for real estate agents. Here is my strategy for attracting calls from serious local buyers through TikTok’s “For You” page—with fewer than 500 followers. 

The TikTok Persona

One of the biggest mistakes I see real estate agents make on TikTok is that they focus on going viral. Building a persona on TikTok isn’t about how many views you get; it’s about coming across as authentic and human to a local audience. Your brand is essentially you. 

I aim to:

  • Show my personality in every post
  • Talk directly to the camera like I’m talking to a friend on FaceTime 
  • Make my content relatable to my ideal customer

Remember, if it’s something you’d scroll past, others probably will too. 

Similar to not every buyer and seller choosing to work with you, not everyone is going to relate to your content. TikTok is awesome because you don’t have to plan out scripts and create expensive content. Some of my most effective lead-generating videos are candid, selfie-style videos about a local topic. 

Create Engaging Content

Hyper-local Focus

The videos that have converted the best for me are ones that share interesting facts about my area. For example, the history behind a street name can spark curiosity. 

What is an interesting fact that no one knows about your town? Find one on Wikipedia, fact-check that it’s true, and post a 25-second TikTok about it. The only people who will care about hyper-local content are people near that location. TikTok’s algorithm will notice this, and push it out to more people in that specific area. 

I have had multiple buyers call me from one video where I talk about how most homes in Rolling Meadows, Illinois don’t have basements. They were, in fact, looking to buy a home in Rolling Meadows. 

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Sprinkle in the Real Estate

Your content doesn’t always have to be about real estate. In fact, unless you are so niche that all of your followers are only there for real estate-related content, I believe a real estate agent’s TikTok should not be 100% real estate. 

Home tours are great ways to get views from people looking to buy right now, but not everyone is looking to buy immediately. I prefer to mix my interests with the real estate content to build an audience that feels like they know me personally. 

Timely Content

If something big is going on in pop culture, the real estate market, or a TikTok trend, hop on the trend but make it your own. I love the green screen filter with real estate, local, or pop culture news. 

To reach the local audience, try to focus your content on hyper-local news. A restaurant or local business highlight always does the trick too. 


Some people believe that you need to post three times per day in order to get any leads from TikTok. If you want to go viral, that might be the case. Consistently posting—ideally five to seven times a week—can significantly enhance your visibility to an audience that matters. 

You don’t need millions of views; I have found that my smaller, engaged audience is more interactive and effective in generating leads. 

To keep my content consistent, the majority of what I post on Instagram is posted to TikTok. TikTok also gets the behind-the-scenes, more personal content of me talking to the camera. 

Captions, Descriptions, and Tags

Captions are incredibly important on TikTok because 80% of people are watching with no sound. Whether I am generating the captions directly through TikTok or using the Captions app, I try to use audio captions on every video. 

With 4,000 characters available, the description on TikTok is a great place to engage your audience or ask them a question. I have found that the length of a caption doesn’t determine how well a video performs, but I like to make my descriptions conversational and speak to the viewer. 

Tags and hashtags are no joke on TikTok. Always use local tags on your videos, unless the goal is to go viral. If you want to go viral, include #fyp, and you’ll be good on the tags. Tagging the location of your video has a major impact on who is seeing it. When I do neighborhood tours, it’s not uncommon for neighbors to see it, and they comment that it’s their neighborhood. 


Responding to every comment and engaging with other local posts drastically increases your visibility on TikTok. Interaction is a two-way street; the more you engage, the more others will engage with your content. Even if I don’t post every day, I spend a few minutes daily scrolling through my feed and commenting on other posts. This helps create a community and draws new people to my videos. 


The fun part about TikTok is that people raise their hands to work with you. I try to follow people when they comment on my posts or if I see them like a lot of my videos. TikTok DMs are less active than Instagram, because in order to DM someone on TikTok, you must both follow each other. By constantly engaging with my TikTok followers in the comments, this opens the door to communication in the DMs. 

When people reach out, they are usually texting, calling, or Instagram DMing me. Once a connection is made, my goal is to set up a phone call to find out where they are in the process. If they are ready to buy or sell, I set up a consultation immediately. I aim to meet at a neutral location like my office or a Starbucks, rather than at a property. 

If they reach out to me from a specific property tour video, I will set up a time to meet with them (preferably in person rather than Zoom) to walk them through my buying process. This is great for building a relationship, educating them, and my own safety. 

Whether or not they are ready to work with me after our initial meeting, I keep in touch the same as any other client, but I always make sure to follow them on Instagram and interact with them on TikTok. 

TikTok, with its unique algorithm and engaging format, is an incredible resource for real estate agents. By showcasing your personality, staying consistent, focusing locally, engaging with your audience, and following up effectively, you can turn even a small following into a steady flow of potential clients. TikTok’s intimate nature encourages people to find you based on your real estate content, but they will join your community based on the genuine personality behind that content.