This week on the Over Ask Podcast, Erica Wolfe, the “Wolfe of real estate,” joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke Agent to discuss how she got into real estate and what led to her first using video to attract new clients. 

Erica talks about how she started with Snapchat filters and eventually started making Facebook Reels. She also shared how she mastered digital funnels and the impact this had on her career. 

You’ll also hear what led to her creating the viral naked listing video, how people in her Jupiter, Florida market reacted (vs. how other agents reacted), and how that video has impacted her business and her price point. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:24 Intro

00:53 Erica’s background & how she earned the nickname, “The Big Bad Wolf”

01:57 How she first got started—and why real estate?

04:30 The only reason she started doing videos

09:39 What was her first move on social in 2010-2011?

12:23 What were her most effective ads? 

16:31 How she went from Snapchat filters to doing her FB video ads

20:18 What people were saying about the viral naked listing video

23:34 What she’s done to raise her average price point and where it is now

26:26 How her naked listing video has impacted her business at higher price points

31:01 What she would focus on for a video targeting Baby Boomers

39:08 Growing her team and the challenge of finding agents willing to put in the work

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