BAM Key Details:

  • Instagram will now allow all accounts the ability to add up to five links in bios.
  • Mark Zuckerberg announced the new highly requested feature on his broadcast channel.

On Tuesday, Instagram announced its newest feature: it will now allow users to add up to five links to their bio. 

Nothing has excited content creators more since Meta Verified was launched last month. 

The announcement was made on Mark Zuckerberg’s broadcast channel, where he stated it’s a top request from users. 

Mark Zuckerberg - 5 links in you Instagram bio

Pros & Cons of Added Links in Bios

Let’s start with the good: Just about every real estate agent (and content creator, for that matter) has Linktree or a similar alternative in their bios. This will now allow you to showcase your links directly in your bio rather than using a third-party tool. And since IG typically rewards creators for using new features, we can assume if you have multiple links you want to share, this is the way to go. 

Of course, Instagram still makes the user do a bit of work to view all of your links. In your bio, users will see the first link, followed by “and X others.” Once clicked on, all links appear at the bottom of the screen:

Instagram links in bio

As far as the downsides: Having too many calls-to-action can lead to fewer clicks. And we all know Instagram wants its users to stay on the app—so be mindful of where you continuously direct your followers. Instagram Growth Coach Brock Johnson was quick to say he won’t be using the new feature:

Brock Johnson - Instagram links in bio

The new feature is currently being rolled out and will be available to all in the coming days/weeks (if you don’t already have access to it). As with any new feature, test it out, see what works, and be willing to adjust as needed.